We take our infant twins there and the staff is so nice and personable. Great program filled with people who love children and love what they do.~Luke Calhoun 8/18/2018

Best school in town! We love Head Heart Hands preschool, our daughter is happy and always learning new things and values. ~Alida Paolini 4/17/2018

My son Zachary started at the beginning of May 2017, and I must say that he has improved not only physically, but emotionally, cognitively and his speech. The women at this establishment actually care, and they take the time to understand you as a parent. Respecting a parents request about their child, and actually taking the time to help out makes a big difference. I know that when my child is there 9 hours out of the day Monday through Friday that he is taken care of and loved. My child is doing amazing here, and it not only has to do with the ladies running it, but with the other children and parents. Thank you Head Heart and Hands for being there for my family! 8/2/2017

Head Heart and Hands has been my now 3-year-old daughter's school/daycare for almost one year now. And as a parent I know how important it is to know you have quality care for your child, and I have found it here, it's a wonderful preschool. The staff are friendly and attentive, and do a great job maintaining a fun and safe environment for the children. My daughter is excited to go every day and learns so much, I also received a lot of help from the staff as I was potty training her. The staff are great with communicating concerns with the parents, as well as sharing the kid's achievements. The classes are divided up by age and are at a manageable size. It brings joy to my heart when my daughter tells me how much fun she had with her friends and what activities she did that day, or sings a new song she learned! 01/09/2017 

Abby Doig  

"Hello, I just wanted to say how pleased I am with Head Heart Hands Preschool! We went from having an amazing sitter who was great with our kiddos and our kiddos absolutely adored her and out of no where it didn't work out. Our boys were devastated, we went to a horrible sitter for a week and then found Head Heart Hands! I could not be happier, my boys (3&5) come home so excited every day, they talk and talk about what they did during the day and they tell me that they are so tired by the time we get home which is even better! We are happy that our kids are staying active, entertained and learning at the same time! Great job and keep up the great work!" 2/26/15

-Mom of Two Rambunctious Boys!

"This preschool has been fantastic for our daughter. The people are great, and she really enjoys it."
- Joe and Becky Deutschman, Parks, Arizona

"This preschool has been amazing for my twins. They really have a great time and the staff are very patient with them. I love the fact that this preschool is full inclusion." 
~Flagstaff, Az

~ What a wonderful preschool!  The staff is very welcoming and friendly, as well as attentive to the children’s needs.  I love that the class sizes are kept to a manageable size with adequate staff.  It makes us feel as though our daughter is getting the care and attention she needs. Choosing a daycare was tough, but once we discovered Head, Heart, Hands Preschool we were confident that our daughter would be in excellent care!  My 15 month old daughter has adjusted so well and is learning so much from the school’s developmental learning plans.  It’s so nice to see that the staff loves their job and that the children are having such a great time. 3/24/2014

~Flagstaff, AZ

"Summer Camp has been amazing for my child. They are having a blast and the group is small so lots of fun and attention!! They are going to library every other week, which my son loves."

 ~ Flagstaff, AZ

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