Our Mission:

We endeavor to instill the vision and practice of excellence in academics, moral character, family and spiritual life through creative play and loving instruction in a safe environment.

We are a part of the Quality First Program! Quality First is a signature program of First Things First which partners with child care and preschool providers to improve the quality of early learning across Arizona. Quality First funds quality improvements that research proves help children thrive in an early educational setting. And through this website, Quality First offers parents information about the importance of quality early care and education and what to look for in child care and preschool settings that promote learning.



We are Steve and Angela Riley, we have been happily married since 2011. We are the owners of Head~Heart~Hands Preschool. Steve is the financial director, and I am the director of operations. We have two children (Marisol 16, Kaleb 16), we are a blended family. We are also foster parents for children with special needs. 

Our dream is to provide a quality early childhood educational facilty to meet the needs of all children. We feel God created each child for a plan and a purpose on this Earth.

I have a Bachelors of Science in Educational Studies. I have worked for preschools in Flagstaff since 2000, and I also worked for FUSD for seven years working with children with special needs. It is our passion to provide children the ability to attend preschool with their peers. Early intervention and inclusion is key for Early Childhood, it teaches compassion, patience, and understanding. Our door is always open for questions, comments, or concerns. We are so blessed God has provided us with the opportunity to help all children. ~ Angela Riley 

Steve and Angela Riley 

 Steve & Angela 
Our Family: Kaleb, 16; Marisol, 16; Akira, 19 months, therapy dog in training.