Loyal Lions (Pre-Kindergarten Class)

Our Loyal Lions class is our children ages 4/5 that are getting ready to move to Kindergarten next year. We are working on our Pre-K readiness. We will be learning about our letters, number, writing, and reading. We focus on Creative Curriculum with a Reggio Emilla Approach.

Spring 2016 (courtesy of High Desert Photography)

Riding bikes is always fun!! 

Mrs. Jessica is the lead teacher in the Loyal Lions. She has a CDA in early childhood. She is working on preparing the children for kindergarten. They are work on fine motor skills, and pre reading skills. 

Freeze Painting is now a favorite past-time in our preK class!! 

Block Play is fun and looks like we may have some future architects. 


Community guest our invited into our program to talk with kids. This builds a sense of community.